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Cuevas Distribution, Inc.
Professional Customer
Solution Center

P.O. Box 161006
Fort Worth, Texas 76161
Phone: 800.328.3827
Fax: 817.626.7316

Inside Sales
Kimberly Chapple

Cuevas Distribution offers the highest quality laboratory supplies and biohazard safety supplies since 1993. As a family owned company, we can offer you the most affordable pricing and exceptional customer service representatives to assist you.

Our products include Safety Masks and Respirators, Scrubbs Hand Cleaner and Purell Hand Sanitizers, Kimberly Clark Wipers and Towel products for every environment to keep your equipment, surfaces and people clean.

Cuevas Distribution has several lines of gloves from Kimberly Clark and Microflex. Lines include chloroprene, coated, latex, nitrile, and synthetic gloves. Choose from lightly powdered or powder-free based on your preference. For extra protection, try the extended cuff for added protection over the wrist and forearm.

We also offer pipet tips from National Scientfic Supply and Molecular BioProducts and Dispatch Hospital Cleaner.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions concerning our products.